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Starting this December you can join our Kimchi of the Month Club! A yearly journey through the many and amazing styles and recipes of Kimchi

Kimchi is the Korean delicacy of fermented veggies; often featuring nappa cabbage in a spicy garlicky umami rich brine! Sometimes spicy, sometimes mild, always delicious! Did you know that there are over 200 types of Kimchi? Some with radish, cucumber, mustard greens, pear, ginger, shiso and more! Join us on our journey exploring many of these Kimchi techniques and be amazed at the variety of Kimchi's you can enjoy.

At Pyramid Ferments, we are very enthusiastic about Kimchi and we've always enjoyed experimenting and having fun through the 1000's of possible kimchi recipes out there and we want to share some of these with you. DM us to sign up or email us through our profile to find out more about this super fun and exciting subscription service!

Kimchi Club will launch in December and might just make the perfect holiday gift for the Kimchi fan in your life! We are only offering Kimchi of the Month Club in our local area with monthly pickups from our kimchi loving pals at 555 Brewing Co. in Picton 

As a member of the Kimchi of the Month Club you get:

  • At least one jar of delicious, intriguing, tasty Kimchi every month!

  • A write-up describing the Kimchi, historical uses and recipe suggestions!

  • A special Kimchi Club pin!

The cost is $130 for the year and spaces are limited, so sign up today!

To sign up please email using the form below with the subject line "Kimchi of the month" and we can get you started, or answer any additional questions you may have.

Go With Your Gut!

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